Sunday, December 30, 2012

NEW Healthy Choice Baked Entrées

Crowdtap recently had a sample & share which included $1 off coupons for Healthy Choice's new Baked Entrees. I decided to try the Fettuccini Alfredo Bake. I'm not much of a red sauce girl so thought it would be the route to go.

The price at my local Target was $2.54 so with the $1 off coupon it was $1.54. Which in my frugal opinion it was a little more than I'd like to pay but I wanted to give it a try.

Directions were easy enough. It just needed a small slit in the plastic and then microwave around 4 minutes. Then let sit for 2 minutes.

It smelled delicious! I have to say there was a nice amount of broccoli in there and it was just the right texture. The sauce was good too. Not too salty and it didn't feel heavy. For only 270 calories I think it's a pretty good option. You might want to add a salad to make your meal a little more complete.

Here's a link to  Crowdtap if you'd like to sign up. You can earn amazon gift certificates and other things for answering polls and participating in these sample and shares.

*This was part of a sample & share from Crowdtap. They had $1 off coupons for us to use. I paid the rest out of my own pocket. Opinions are my own.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 Days of Christmas Box

I found this wonderful idea on pinterest while looking for holiday activities to do with our boys. I've never done anything like it and it seemed easy enough for uncrafty me. Now I know my box doesn't look so fancy. I was wanting to do it so it was all the same wrapping paper however I ran out of the candy cane stuff after wrapping the box but I didn't want to waste it. So I'm sure if you want to do something similar yours might look a bit nicer. The main thing is my boys think it's awesome and that's all that matters. The original post I found she used a cute bucket. But I didn't have a cute bucket. :o)

Anyways, we started this today. There are 24 envelopes or packages. One for each day leading up to Christmas. Each one contains some sort of Christmas activity. I did buy a few things like The Nutcracker book at Target in the $1 section and a package of holiday stickers there too. Some of the envelopes contain things like baking cookies, making Christmas ornaments for their godparents, going out to look at Christmas lights, hot chocolate and storytime, going shopping for their brother gift, taking goodies to our bank and things like that.

The great thing is I have the master list of what each day is so I know what's coming up. They have to go in order by the date on the envelope/package. That way days I know we are a little bit busier I knew not to put making mints or something time consuming.

The only rule is schoolwork has to be done and the living room clean before the day's activity gets opened. :o)

Here's the link where I found it from pinterest. I can't take credit for this cool idea.

Have fun!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

This stuff is so great! It was included in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster. I absolutely love the scent of it. It's a bit tropical smelling. It worked great in my fly away frizz hair that I've been blessed with. :o) It doesn't feel heavy in my hair at all either. A little bit goes a long way. You just need a small dab of it and work into damp hair then blow dry for straight frizz free hair. A big thumbs up from me on this one.

Be sure to check out their website to find out about all their products!

Essential Facts

Not Your Mother’s offers essential hairstyling products with only the best ingredients and technologies for a truly cool and unique style. Your style might come from the streets, the magazines you read or straight from the Catwalk. Trends fade, but true style never will. Confidence, creativity and class will always be in fashion. Dare to experiment with new styles, get inspired and embrace your own personal fabulousness. Don't follow others, make your own statement. Stand out, be different, and embrace your style with Not Your Mother's.

SPOTTED: $6.00 at CVS, Walmart, and ULTA among many other retail locations

About This Product

Got Frizz? Straighten up and tame that mane... or whatever you call it. SMOOTH MOVES™ is your call to fighting out of control hair and will help reduce your styling time. Infused with natural coconut & silk extracts this salon formula will keep you thinking straight all day.

- De-frizzes and straightens hair
- All day performance
- Adds shine
- Coconut & silk extracts add shine and strength to hair

Apply Smooth Moves™ to damp hair, distribute evenly with a comb and then blow-dry to reveal straight, frizz-free hair.

* I received this product complimentary from Influenster. Opinions are my own.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

This Goody Simple Spin Pin was included in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster. This is such a neat little hair product. It's very easy to use and I love the fact that in comes in colors to match your own hair color so it's easily hidden. No more worries about so many bobby pins!

Be sure to check out the Goody website to see more about all of Goody's hair products.

Essential Facts

The Goody brand is the most widely-recognized manufacturer of hair accessories and styling tools in the world. Through proprietary brands such as DoubleWear™, QuikStyle™, Simple Styles™, Slide-Proof™ and Ouchless®, Goody has introduced smart innovations like the exclusive Spin Pin and Quik Style Brush. With products inspired by the latest designer trends and innovative solutions, Goody offers an inspiring range of hair accessories and styling tools.

SPOTTED: $7.29 at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, Duane Reade

About This Product

The Spin Pin does the work of 20 bobby pins! Easily achieve chic updo styles; simply twirl your hair up and spin the Spin Pins in for a perfect top knot, undone bun and side bun!

1. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck (no ponytail holder needed)

2. Twist your hair into a tight bun and tuck in the ends

3. Spin one pin in from the top and the other from the base, taking care not to interlock pins.

* I received this product complimentary of Influenster. Opinions are my own.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun Games from Wonder Forge

I have been a fan of Wonder Forge games for a long time now. They make fun games for all ages and really pay attention to detail. Their games are well made and really just a great way to spend time with your family. They recently surprised us with a box of some of their newest games. My boys have been having a great time trying them out.

The first one they opened up was the Who Shook Hook Game. This game takes a little bit of a steady hand to remove the treasure from the hammock without dropping Hook in the water. They loved the anticipation of whether or not Hook would fall while their opponent took their turn.

Trying not to have a shaky hand.

Another game included was Jake and The Never Land Challenge Game. This game brings so many giggles. It comes with sturdy foam pieces to do some pirate like tasks. It's so fun because they are always getting silly challenges to do and they are different each time. You might have to slither under the vines with the sword between your knees. This is really a great get up and move around game. Definitely great for the winter months to come!

A great game for super hero lovers is The Joker Fun House Game. The Joker tries to get to his get away hatch before the Super Friends get to their capture space. There are 2 spinners- 1 for Joker and 1 for the Super Friends to share. During the game Joker can roll a wacky ball down to try to knock over Super Friends. The Super Friends also have super powers they can use during the game. Lots of action going on to keep it fun.

The last game included was Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game. This game can be played with just the tiles or by downloading a free app for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It's a neat way to be really interactive. There are 3 games you can play with it.

My 4 boys are ages 7-12 and they all enjoyed playing these games. The Dr. Seuss was enjoyed much more by the younger one although they all had to take a go at it! Kids can't pass up a turn on the iPad.

All these games were easy to set up and play started immediately. Directions were simple and they were able to play on their own although grandma sure enjoyed playing the Who Shook Hook Game too!

You can find a list of stores that carry these games by visiting Wonder Forge website. They also have a facebook page.

* These games were sent to me from Wonder Forge for free. Opinions are my own.

Fair Trade

I recently received this box of Fair Trade goodies through Klout. They sent boxes to members who try to promote healthy, sustainable food. I was so excited to see the wide variety of Fair Trade items when I opened the box. I already buy a fair amount of Fair Trade products but hadn't tried some of these.

The idea behind Fair Trade is that you purchase the product and the farmer gets a fair price. Farmers all over the world can and are benefiting from people like you and me that purchase Fair Trade products.

If you haven't heard of Fair Trade I encourage you to find out more about it and start looking for Fair Trade products when you are at the store. They will have a little box that says Fair Trade Certified.

Be sure to visit Fair Trade USA to learn more. If you are on facebook you can find more at Fair Trade Certified. And if you are on twitter you can follow Fair Trade USA. I am sure there are more websites with more info but these are a few I follow.
So now to tell you a bit about the goodies I received in my box! Here's a list-
Allegro Coffee -delicious coffee sourced from Northern Malawi- my hubby even liked it and he's picky about his coffee.
Alter Eco- chocolate bar from Ecuador. This was so good! I ate 1/2 and am saving the other chunk for a pick me up treat. It is so smooth and creamy. Yum!
Choice Organic Teas- the rooibos comes from small farmers co-op in South Africa & it's 1st exclusive organic, Fair Trade Certified & non GMO Verified tea company in North America. Tasty!!
Coco Cafe- coconut water & shot of Fair Trade Certified espresso & splash of reduced fat milk. I haven't tried this yet. Going to have in bit before my workout later today.
Honest Tea- All Honest Tea is made with Fair Trade Certified tea. It was good! Very refreshing!
LARABAR- I had the cookie dough flavor in my box. Yummy! I've had a few different flavors of their bars and they are great for tossing in bag while on errands. Good snack but almost like dessert.
Near East Quinoa Blends- My box was Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor. It was blend of Quinoa & Brown Rice. Very tasty and easy to make.
Stash Guayusa Tea- I've had Stash Tea before & I love it but this is a rare herbal tea from newly certified group of farmer's in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. It's naturally caffeinated and delicious!
Three Twins- my box came with a coupon for this and I haven't used the coupon yet but look forward to trying it. It's the first organic ice cream made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients.
I hope this will encourage you to look for Fair Trade products and give them a try. Not only will you be enjoying good quality food and drinks but you'll be making a difference in someone else's life. As Fair Trade Certified says "Every Purchase Matters. "
*I was sent this box of Fair Trade products thanks to Klout & Fair Trade. Opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

Included in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster was this Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle. Black Pepper Bergamot was a new scent for me. I was curious what it would smell like. It's a mix of black pepper, bergamot, and lavender. It is a nice scent but not sure one that I would purchase for myself normally. These mini candles are so cute and in a nice glass container.

 I like the fact that it's small enough that you can enjoy it but then look forward to another scent. I sometimes don't like big candles for the fact that after a while you do get tired of the same scent and I don't like to have a lot of half burnt candles all over.

You can find more about these candles by visiting the Bath & Body Works website. I'm sure they will have the perfect scent(s) for you! These would also make a nice gift for the holidays.

Essential Facts

Highly fragranced candle exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers. Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance.


SPOTTED: Mini Candle $3.50; Small Candle $9.50; Medium Candle $12.50; 3-Wick Candle $19.50

About This Product

Mini but Mighty! Our Mini Candles provide an amazing fragrance experience exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers. Now in an elegant glass container, these are the perfect size for trialing all our fall home fragrances! Mini Candles burn approximately 15 hours.

Mini Candles provided to Influensters:

Mahogany Teakwood—The scents of fine woods-mahogany, cedarwood and oak – highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to a cozy library on a chilly fall day.

Pumpkin Cupcake—The perfect pick from the corner bakery this fall – a spiced pumpkin cupcake with rich buttercream and frosted ginger.

White Barn Nutmeg & Spice—a warm and cozy fragrance inspired by an elegant mixture of nutmeg and all of autumn’s very best spices.

Cider Lane—As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.

Black Pepper Bergamot—Intricate layers of spicy black pepper combine with uplifting bergamot and lavender in a fragrance inspired by fall’s changeable days.
* I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program. Opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Influenster Beauty Bloggers VoxBox

I recently received a new Influenster VoxBox. This one is called the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox. I have been trying out all the products and will be posting about each over the next week or so. I've listed the products below. If you are not signed up with Influenster I suggest you visit their site and sign up so you can start getting your own VoxBoxes!

NYC New York Colors IndividualEyes Custom Compact

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle & $10 off coupon


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz control Hair Cream

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My good friend Melinda and I recently got back from a 5 day vacation in beautiful Miami. It was my second time visiting and Melinda's first. We did some planning in advance for what we wanted to do while there so we wouldn't waste any of our time.

We spent our first afternoon in Miami on Biscayne Bay on a chartered sailboat. It was absolutely amazing. Melinda had sailed a few times before but this was my first time. We sailed with Captain Nino and his wife Mabel from Sailing on Biscayne Bay. They are just wonderful people. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our sailing and visit with them. If you have ever wanted to go sailing and are in the Miami area I definitely recommend sailing with them!

The boat we sailed on.

One morning we spent walking around South Beach. I needed to find t-shirts to bring back for our boys. We walked along Lincoln Rd, Ocean Dr, and Collins Ave and window shopped. I eventually found my t-shirts! These are great areas to people watch too! We also found the lovely little area on Espanola Way. We happened upon this cute little store owned by the sweetest Indian man. We spent well over an hour in the little store. They were having a sale and they had such beautiful clothes. He also offered us some Godiva chocolate while we shopped! We both bought a few things and were very very happy with the prices!

Our fav little shop!

Espanola Way at night.

On Wednesday night we took a food walking tour of South Beach with Miami Culinary Tours. We visited 7 or 8 different restaurants and sampled 13 different items. We had a group of 8 so it was nice. We walked and ate for about 2 1/2 hours but only walked 1 mile. It was very relaxed and easy to keep up. We also learned a bit about art deco. It was fun and we met a really nice mother and daughter from Wisconsin that had just gotten back from Cuba. They happened to be staying at the hotel next to us and gave us a ride back. We had walked so much over our first two days we were happy to rest our feet for a bit! This was a great experience because we ate at a lot of places we wouldn't have known about and hope to go back to!

This was at Bolivar. One of my fav stops on the food tour.

Another stop on food tour. He's making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. It was yummy!

Our last stop of the night at Milani Gelateria. I had the pistachio!!

A few other the other stops included some delicious ceviche, cafe cubano that was just the best coffee I've ever had, and a few other things I don't remember the names of.

On our last morning we visited Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. It was just a beautiful place! It was built back in 916 by James Deering. It almost feels like you are in Italy. It was a gorgeous sunny day while we were there. We saw a few brides getting their photos taken. You can walk all over the gardens.


Looking towards the house. You can tour the inside but no photos allowed. It is beautiful.

On our last afternoon we spent some time at our our hotel's spa. They had 1/2 price spa treatments that day. We had booked our times before we arrived to be sure there was space. I had a massage, while Melinda got a facial, and then we both got a manicure and pedicure. It was so relaxing.

After our fun time at the spa it was time to hang out in the lounge area outside. They were having 1/2 price appetizers which were just delicious!! We spent our last evening visiting with some friendly sisters from Ireland. Good food and good conversation make for a great way to end a vacation!

Ceviche from Essensia Lounge at The Palms Hotel & Spa

We stayed at The Palms Hotel & Spa. It was such a nice hotel. We had a superior ocean front room and had a beautiful view. We ate breakfast and dinner at the Essensia Restaurant located in the hotel. The food there is beyond delicious! Also the staff in the lounge and restaurant are top notch. They were so friendly and helpful. On their name tags they have the country or state they are from. So many people from all over the world. That was one of the best things we found on our trip. We met so many wonderful people. We used the bus and metrorail system and found people to be very helpful. All the people from the ones on the food walking tour, the couple also on our sailing afternoon, to the sisters from Ireland- they all made our trip so fun! It was such a good trip and I enjoyed having some girl time with my dear friend but it was nice to be back home with hubby and our boys! Can't wait to go back though! :o)

I do want to mention I won the 4 nights hotel at The Palms and the 2 plane tickets on Delta from a giveaway Orbitz did on facebook a few months back. Our breakfasts and dinners were also included at the hotel. All our excursions were paid for by us. We arranged all of them before our trip by finding coupons and discounts by searching the web.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Influenster Relaunch

I've been a member of Influenster since November 2011. I'm sure you've seen my posts for reviews for the products in these boxes. Their concept is to send products to people for review and then we write up our reviews and share via social media. We can also qualify for bonus products by completing brand challenges. So far I've received 4 VoxBoxes and have loved the experience. It couldn't get any better!  Well just this month Influenster has relaunched their site and guess what? It can get better!

One of the most noticeable changes is that we now can see our rank or score as it compares to other Influensters. I also like that we were able to pick our 5 Expert Badges. These are badges that let us show we are knowledgeable about certain areas.

There are also review pages on the site of products. I think now it's easier to find a certain product because it's listed under the badge name or the VoxBox it came in. Overall the site is very modern and easy to navigate.

If you aren't a member of Influenster I highly suggest you check them out so you can start receiving great products to review and share your opinions!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Country Life Maxi Hair supplement

Included in my Naturals VoxBox from Influenster was a 30 day supply (60 tablets) of Maxi-Hair Supplements. You take 2 tablets per day to nourish your hair, skin, and nails. I already have super thick healthy hair so I didn't really notice any difference in it. My nails did seem to get a little stronger and not break as easy. A few things I didn't like was how huge the pills are. They are a bit hard getting them down. They also leave an after taste and have a strong smell. Once my bottle is gone I'm not sure I would use these again. I just am not sure I need them.

These are Gluten-Free which I know seems to be the thing these days. They are also certified vegetarian. If you are looking for something to help nourish your hair, nails, and skin this may be for you to try.

You can learn more by visiting Country Life.

About This Product

Try Country Life® Maxi-Hair Maximized dietary supplement. This product has been coveted by loyal consumers for more than 20 years, and one of Country Life’s best-sellers. This supplement complex with focus on B-vitamins, biotin and MSM brings new meaning to beauty from the inside-out. Also available with higher biotin potency in MAXI-HAIR Plus.

Available at your local vitamin & supplement store that carries natural dietary supplements.

Essential Facts

Bring Life Back to Your Hair, Skin and Nails.


SPOTTED: $17.99

* I was given a complimentary sample through Influenster. Opinions are my own.

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

A sample of CleanWell's Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes was included in my Naturals VoxBox from Influenster. I hadn't heard of them before so I was excited to try these. Well one of my boys actually used it. I had tossed it in my purse for one of those just in case it's needed moments. Of course we had one of those I need to wipe my hands moments. I had him use it before eating. My kids have learned I'm a freak about having clean hands after we've been out running errands. It worked great. He was clean and germ free and the scent was nice. Nothing strong. I think these would be great for tossing in your purse or having a few in the car for errands or travels. Those little germs are everywhere.

Visit the CleanWell website to learn more about their products that kill germs naturally.

* I was given this sample complimentary through Influenster. Opinions are my own.


If you're looking for a little boost in your day then EBOOST may be for you. It's a convenient way to get your energy up and not get that crash afterwards. Just add a packet to water, mix, and drink. It uses real ingredients so you don't have to worry about any bad things in there.

I did notice a good boost in my day when I used this. As a busy mom of four boys I have many days when I need that extra kick to get me through everything. The only down side for me was the orange flavor. I have not tried any of their other flavors which I would like to. I just have an issue with anything tasting like orange. It always reminds me of that nasty orange drink I had to take each time I had the blood sugar test when I was pregnant. And after 4 times of that well I just can't stand orange flavored anything. Well unless it's a real orange. :o) But don't hold my opinion of the orange flavor from keeping you from trying it. It's just me and orange. Try it and see if you get that boost you need!

You can find out about all their products by visiting the EBOOST website.

* I was given a sample of this product via Influenster. Opinions are my own.

The Original™ Dish Drying Mat

I have been loving The Original™ Dish Drying Mat that I received from Influenster. It is just the right size to sit on my counter to dry my dishes. It is thick enough that the water doesn't soak through and make a mess all over the counter like when I used to use paper towels. I also like the fact that I can just throw it in the wash and reuse it over and over again. No more wasting paper towels.

I do have a dishwasher but I don't always use it. If I only have a few dishes or big items like pots and pans I just hand wash so this works great. It also has a little loop in one corner that you can hang it up to dry or if you're not using it. This is an all around great  product. It would make a great gift too!

Visit The Original™ Dish Drying Mat website to learn more about all of their products.

* I was given this product complimentary through Influenster. Opinions are my own.

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer

I recently received a sample of Lypsyl LypMoisturizer in my Naturals VoxBox from Influenster. I have used this before but was very happy to see it included in my box. With winter coming up I know I will be needing even more.

This product goes on nicely and does not feel heavy on my lips. For me it seems to last several hours sometimes depending on how much I'm drinking or eating. I do love the scent. It's almost a little minty but not strong. So sometimes I do apply it twice a day just so I can smell it. :o)

It's made with pure Swedish beeswax, organic shea butter and vitamins so you know it's good for your lips! It also has the cutest little bee on the side that you use to push up when you need more.

You can find out more about all their products on the LypSyl  website.

*I received this product complimentary through Influenster. Opinions are my own.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Week

We started off the week on Tuesday with our annual "Not Back to School" celebration. I had planned on a day at the park with a picnic but it was a rather hot day & I figured we'd not be having many of those left. So we ended up ordering pizza and having a pool party. I ordered the pizzas online and then Grandma picked them up on her way over. She also brought along some puppy chow for dessert. We did get some school work in after the party was over. :o)

We've had a very productive week so far. Just getting back into the swing of things. We do a bit of school over the summer but not the full load. We're using Story of the World for history and are at the point of the Islamic invasion of Spain so today we had our version of a Moorish feast. It was a nice ending to the week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory

A bar of Ivory soap was included in my recent MomVoxBox from Influenster. My boys have been wanting to do this microwave experiment for the longest time so we were thrilled it was in the box. The experiment only works with Ivory soap. You place a bar in the middle of a plate and put about 2 minutes on the clock. Make sure the kids are able to see in as it starts to grow.

If it happens to grow off the plate it's okay because it's fluffy and will come right up. It is a big fluffy cloud. I let my kids take it outside and play with it for awhile. I had planned on using the flakes but the boys wanted to make it snow since it was almost 100 degrees outside.

Ivory is one of the least expensive soaps out there. It is also one of the purest. If you're looking for a versatile soap that can go from cleasing your face to fun experiements I suggest you try Ivory!

Here is a little bit more info below about Ivory.

Ivory Bar Soap

Free of dyes and heavy perfumes, Ivory provides a simple, yet effective clean for the entire family (without breaking the bank!).

Ivory bar soap is 99.44% pure (it floats!).  Beyond using it as a body cleanser, many of Ivory's loyal users – not to mention a few celebrities – swear by Ivory as their beauty secret. In fact, many consumers use Ivory bar soap as a facial cleanser.  It provides healthier, smoother and more even-looking skin. Also, its versatility makes it an effective laundry soap (just chip soap flakes into the washer) as well as a spot stain remover on your clothes (including delicate items). Ivory bars can even be used for a fun soap carving project with the family!  

When it comes to motherhood,  Ivory (the clean & simple soap) knows that being a mom has become more complex than ever, and that moms are looking for ways to simplify their lives. According to a survey of 1,000+ moms conducted by Wakefield Research on Ivory’s behalf in October 2011, 80% of American moms think motherhood is more complicated today than it was 20 years ago, despite the thousands of items supposedly designed to “simplify” their lives. But, while they may be more stressed out and busier than ever, almost 90% of moms think they’re doing a better job balancing it all than their mothers did. Some other interesting stats:

· 30% of moms surveyed found the most complicated aspect of motherhood was finding more "me" time, 66% confessed to hiding in their bathroom for some alone time.
· 75% feel the pressure to make every outing, playdate, or experience a "teachable moment," which can create great pressure

· 70% of moms feel they don’t have everything together, despite others thinking that they do.

As a result of these findings, Ivory created a Facebook community where everyday moms can share tips with one another on ways to simplify life for themselves and their families.   

Find your Ivory now at your nearest retailer, including stores such as Walmart and Target as well as any major grocery, dollar and drug store.  A 10-pack of Ivory bar soap retails for around  $4.49 (bath bar size).

* I was given a complimentary sample for testing purposes from Influenster and Ivory as a participant of the MomVoxBox campaign.

Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies

If you're a fan of soft and chewy cookies then Quaker has the cookie for you! I received this Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookie with Raisins in my recent MomVoxBox from Influenster. It is the perfect size for a snack for one. (or more if you really have to share like I did.) My boys love cookies so I broke it in parts so everyone could get a sample before it was all gone. The texture was just right. It was soft and chewy and it tasted very fresh. They got a thumbs up from all of us.

You can visit their facebook page here or follow them on twitter here. I've posted a little more info below too.

Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies

Enjoy chewy, soft-baked cookies in a family-favorite flavor! With wholesome Quaker Oats and delicious raisins, you’ll never remember they came from our kitchen instead of yours.

-Made with Whole Grain Quaker Oats
-Individually packaged
-Provides a good source of fiber
-Contains 6 grams of total fat per serving

Where to Buy

You can find Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies at most major retailers.
Suggested retail price: $2.69 for a box of 6 cookies.

*I was given a sample free in my MomVoxBox complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I was very happy when I got the email that I had gotten one of the 500 spots that had opened up for Cravebox. I was so excited the day my first box came. It was packed with this bright confetti and tissue paper it made me even more excited to find out what was hiding under it all.

The theme for this box was A Taste of the Tropics. So many great things to start off the summer right!
Included in the box:
2 packets of Sunsweet Plum Amazins. These were so good in my greek yogurt.
Samples of Lipton Tea & Honey To Go Packets- I actually haven't had a chance to try these yet.
Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells. There were so cute and tasty! They were all different shapes of shells. I was going to take a  photo of them but I ate them before I got around to doing that.
Skintersection Intense Repair Cream- this stuff is wonderful!
Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub- it smells delish and feels so good on my skin. It is a huge 18 oz size jar. It's kind of hidden in the photo.

I also just found out I will be getting the limited edition Summer Spruce Up Cravebox. I can't wait to see what will be in it and actually look forward to some cleaning!

If you don't know what Cravebox is I suggest checking them out on facebook  twitter or on their website. I won my spot in a drawing. They also do twitter parties where you can win them. You can also sign up on their website to be notified when they have openings. The boxes are $10 and include shipping. I am very happy to be a member!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Missing in Action

Well, as you can tell I've not posted for almost a month now. Life has been busy with appointments and just stuff going on. So many things on the agenda and never enough time. Hubby and boys had their annual camping trip last weekend up north. A few of them came back sick. I happened to catch the stomach bug that someone got and am still feeling rather blah. Poor hubby though got into some poison ivy and it got into a cut. He ended up at urgent care and on a few meds that will hopefully get rid of the swelling and infection soon or he may end up getting iv or shot of antibiotics.

So, I will be back in action hopefully by the weekend. I have lots to share and some photos to post just need to take care of the family first. :o)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orville Redenbacher's Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Popcorn

We are big popcorn fans at our house so I was excited when we were recently sent a bag of Orville Redenbacher's new Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Popcorn. We got to sample the Classic Kettle Korn flavor. The bag had lots of big fluffy kernels with the perfect mix of sweet and salty goodness. The kernels were fresh and oh so yummy! I had planned on taking a photo so you could see how nice the popcorn looked but as you'll see below that didn't happen. :o)

This is our bag before it was opened.

This is what it looked like after about 5 mins and 6 sets of hands in there!

I guess you'll have to go buy a bag yourself to see what I'm talking about! They come in 4 flavors: Sharp White Cheddar, Classic Kettle Korn, Farmhouse Cheddar and Signature BBQ. I am sure there is one for you. These are just hitting the store shelves and would be a great snack to take along to the beach or on a summer road trip. Of course sitting out on the deck in your own backyard is a perfectly good spot to snack on it too!

You can find out more by visiting Orville Redenbacher's website here or their facebook page here.

* I was given this sample free to review courtesy of The Dish and ConAgra Foods. Opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Filippo Berio Olive Oil

I have been a member of BzzAgent for many years now and I am currently on a campaign for Filippo Berio Olive Oil. I use olive oil all the time and was so excited to participate in this campaign.

Olive Oil has so many health benefits and it's tasty too. Olive oil is naturally free of cholesterol, trans fat, salt, sugar, and gluten. It's also very versatile.You can use it for sauteing, as a marinade, and as a dressing for salads just to name a few.

Here I used it for sauteing zucchini & onions and also some carrots.

You can find more about the healthy benefits of olive oil here.  You can also find out more about Filippo products there too.

*I was given a free bottle of Filippo Olive Oil to sample as part of this campaign from BzzAgent. You can find out more about BzzAgent at their website


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crowdtap & Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party

I was recently picked to do an Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party from Crowdtap. This was my first party/sample share so I was just thrilled when I found I was chosen. I received coupons for 3 friends and myself to pick out a pair of bottoms and shoes from Old Navy. What could be more fun than shopping with the girls!

The closest Old Navy was at the local outlet mall so of course we had to visit a few other stores once we picked out our pieces from Old Navy. :o)

There were so many great pieces to chose from. We could pick from shorts, jeans, capris, and skirts. Oh, the decisions! We found so many we liked.

Once the bottoms were picked out we went to tackle the shoes. They had so many to choose from. All types from cute wedges to pretty flats. Lots of color to be found. We all decided on comfy espadrilles and fun flip flops.

Of course we picked the right day to go becasue they also had some cute t-shirts on sale for $5 so we couldn't pass those up. We had such a fun time thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap!

If you'd like to find out more about Crowdtap go here. You can earn rewards by taking polls and participating in these type of sample parties. :o)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to do a review for a pair of Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers. I was so happy because I wear slippers year round. My feet are always cold and I'm always looking for something comfy for my feet!

Open toe in mocha color.

They currently offer two styles- open toe or closed and a variety of colors for each. The slippers come in S,M,L,XL. They say for women to go a size down because they are unisex slippers. I am a size 9 and went with a medium. They were a little tight at first and my heel does touch the end but after wearing them for about 2 weeks they seem just fine. If you like your slipper to be on the bigger side then I would suggest going with your regular size.

These slippers are soft, comfortable, and have rubber soles on the bottom so I don't have to worry about slipping on my tile floors. They keep my feet warm but not too hot. Tile floors tend to be cold and I don't like cold feet! They are also great because I can run outside if I need to and I don't have to worry about ruining them.

If you'd like to try out a pair yourself you can check out their website . Use code BEARS50 and they will give you 50% off any purchase you make from their site. Of course they don't just offer slippers but they also have memory foam mattresses, pillows, and even pet beds! So everyone in your house can get a good night's sleep!

You can also visit their facebook page and enter to win a mattress! Just look for the "Win a Mattress" tab on their page. They can also be found on twitter.

* Nature's Sleep gave this pair of slippers free of charge to me in exchange for a review. Opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Squishy Body

We are currently studying the human body for science. My boys have been waiting for forever to take out this lovely Squishy Body I found. It's just been calling their name ever since I ordered it. We were finally discussing the organs and it was time to take it out and explore.

It came with a book with details about each of the parts and also how to put them back in the right order. This is a great addition to our Apologia Science we are currently using. I love hands on stuff. I also ordered a squishy brain from this same company so when we get a little more into the brain we'll take it out.

You can find these lovely Squishy Body in many places but I purchased mine from SmartLab Toys. They are also on facebook. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a discount. They also do giveaways on facebook for different items from their website.

* I purchased this product with the discount when I signed up for their newsletter. I am not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share the fun "toy" I found. I did however win a Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab from their giveaway a few months back. It's how I found out about their fun products.

Monday, April 16, 2012

MACHE conference

This past Friday and Saturday I attended the annual MACHE homeschool conference. This year it was held in St. Paul. This was my 7th year attending and I look forward to it each year. It rotates between St. Paul, Rochester, and Duluth.

There are 3 sessions each day and somewhere around 10-12 topics  each session. Sometimes it so hard to pick which ones to attend. Although there is generally 1 session that nothing really jumps out at me and I do some shopping. There is always a used book sale and then the large area of vendors.

I love being able to talk to the vendors and check out all the curriculum that's out there. Plus there is usually a good discount or the nice bonus of not having to pay for shipping.

Normally a few of my mom friends and I make a weekend of it and stay at a hotel and get some girl time in too. This year my good friend Julie and I just drove down and back each day. We still had a great time visiting and enjoying all there is at the conference.

They did a great job with lunch this year. It was a sort of one time through buffet. They had Chinese, Italian, and soup/sandwich stations. I was impressed for sure! Although I about had a heart attack when I saw that my can of Diet Coke was $2. Yikes!

I came away encouraged as always and brought home some great learning materials for our homeschool!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bonfire Night

Last night was just a lovely evening. It was the perfect night for a bonfire. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was a little chilly but nothing a hot mug of coffee couldn't fix. Well, that and just a push of the chair closer to the fire. :o) I love those type of nights just relaxing and enjoying the company of my hubby and boys. Such a good time.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a beautiful day it is! We are currently at 79 degrees on the 17th of March. The boys have been outside most of the day in their shorts and t-shirts enjoying this amazing weather we are having. If I wasn't wearing green I'd pinch myself to make sure it's real. :o)

We made cupcakes earlier today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Even though I am part Irish I have never had corned beef and cabbage. So we just wore green and ate green cupcakes. Hope you are enjoying this fun holiday as well!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

This was my first time trying truvia. It was included in Influenster's Love VoxBox. I was a little hesitant at first because I've heard so many opinions about different sweeters. I was actually surprised this was not so bad. A little bit goes a long way. It's nice this box came with 7 small packets. Which would be great you can take them on the go with you and just toss some in your purse.

I used a little bit in my coffee one afternoon, also some in my tea one day, and I tried a little bit in my cereal one morning. It did leave a little bit of an aftertaste but really not bad. I guess I'm probably used to some sort of aftertaste because I do drink diet pops and they also leave a bit. I do also plan on trying it in place of sugar when I do a little baking over the weekend. I think this is definitely a good alternative to sugar if you're wanting to stay away from it.

Here's a little more info about Truvia.

Truvía® natural sweetener

Truvía® natural sweetener is the first natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener born from the leaves of the stevia plant.

o   One packet of Truvía® natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.
o   Truvía® natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated.  Add it to coffee and tea.  Sprinkle it on fruit and cereal.
o   Truvía® natural sweetener is a great alternative for people with diabetes. It is also kosher certified.

Where to Buy
Truvía® natural sweetener is available nationally at most major retailers and in package sizes of 40-count, 80-count, 140-count and a spoonable jar. Find a store here.

You can also visit their website here. They are also on facebook and twitter.

* I received this product to test complimentary of Influenster's Love VoxBox program. Opinions are my own.