Friday, October 5, 2012

Country Life Maxi Hair supplement

Included in my Naturals VoxBox from Influenster was a 30 day supply (60 tablets) of Maxi-Hair Supplements. You take 2 tablets per day to nourish your hair, skin, and nails. I already have super thick healthy hair so I didn't really notice any difference in it. My nails did seem to get a little stronger and not break as easy. A few things I didn't like was how huge the pills are. They are a bit hard getting them down. They also leave an after taste and have a strong smell. Once my bottle is gone I'm not sure I would use these again. I just am not sure I need them.

These are Gluten-Free which I know seems to be the thing these days. They are also certified vegetarian. If you are looking for something to help nourish your hair, nails, and skin this may be for you to try.

You can learn more by visiting Country Life.

About This Product

Try Country Life® Maxi-Hair Maximized dietary supplement. This product has been coveted by loyal consumers for more than 20 years, and one of Country Life’s best-sellers. This supplement complex with focus on B-vitamins, biotin and MSM brings new meaning to beauty from the inside-out. Also available with higher biotin potency in MAXI-HAIR Plus.

Available at your local vitamin & supplement store that carries natural dietary supplements.

Essential Facts

Bring Life Back to Your Hair, Skin and Nails.


SPOTTED: $17.99

* I was given a complimentary sample through Influenster. Opinions are my own.

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