Monday, November 5, 2012

Fair Trade

I recently received this box of Fair Trade goodies through Klout. They sent boxes to members who try to promote healthy, sustainable food. I was so excited to see the wide variety of Fair Trade items when I opened the box. I already buy a fair amount of Fair Trade products but hadn't tried some of these.

The idea behind Fair Trade is that you purchase the product and the farmer gets a fair price. Farmers all over the world can and are benefiting from people like you and me that purchase Fair Trade products.

If you haven't heard of Fair Trade I encourage you to find out more about it and start looking for Fair Trade products when you are at the store. They will have a little box that says Fair Trade Certified.

Be sure to visit Fair Trade USA to learn more. If you are on facebook you can find more at Fair Trade Certified. And if you are on twitter you can follow Fair Trade USA. I am sure there are more websites with more info but these are a few I follow.
So now to tell you a bit about the goodies I received in my box! Here's a list-
Allegro Coffee -delicious coffee sourced from Northern Malawi- my hubby even liked it and he's picky about his coffee.
Alter Eco- chocolate bar from Ecuador. This was so good! I ate 1/2 and am saving the other chunk for a pick me up treat. It is so smooth and creamy. Yum!
Choice Organic Teas- the rooibos comes from small farmers co-op in South Africa & it's 1st exclusive organic, Fair Trade Certified & non GMO Verified tea company in North America. Tasty!!
Coco Cafe- coconut water & shot of Fair Trade Certified espresso & splash of reduced fat milk. I haven't tried this yet. Going to have in bit before my workout later today.
Honest Tea- All Honest Tea is made with Fair Trade Certified tea. It was good! Very refreshing!
LARABAR- I had the cookie dough flavor in my box. Yummy! I've had a few different flavors of their bars and they are great for tossing in bag while on errands. Good snack but almost like dessert.
Near East Quinoa Blends- My box was Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor. It was blend of Quinoa & Brown Rice. Very tasty and easy to make.
Stash Guayusa Tea- I've had Stash Tea before & I love it but this is a rare herbal tea from newly certified group of farmer's in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. It's naturally caffeinated and delicious!
Three Twins- my box came with a coupon for this and I haven't used the coupon yet but look forward to trying it. It's the first organic ice cream made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients.
I hope this will encourage you to look for Fair Trade products and give them a try. Not only will you be enjoying good quality food and drinks but you'll be making a difference in someone else's life. As Fair Trade Certified says "Every Purchase Matters. "
*I was sent this box of Fair Trade products thanks to Klout & Fair Trade. Opinions are my own.

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