Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Week

We started off the week on Tuesday with our annual "Not Back to School" celebration. I had planned on a day at the park with a picnic but it was a rather hot day & I figured we'd not be having many of those left. So we ended up ordering pizza and having a pool party. I ordered the pizzas online and then Grandma picked them up on her way over. She also brought along some puppy chow for dessert. We did get some school work in after the party was over. :o)

We've had a very productive week so far. Just getting back into the swing of things. We do a bit of school over the summer but not the full load. We're using Story of the World for history and are at the point of the Islamic invasion of Spain so today we had our version of a Moorish feast. It was a nice ending to the week.

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