Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orville Redenbacher's Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Popcorn

We are big popcorn fans at our house so I was excited when we were recently sent a bag of Orville Redenbacher's new Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Popcorn. We got to sample the Classic Kettle Korn flavor. The bag had lots of big fluffy kernels with the perfect mix of sweet and salty goodness. The kernels were fresh and oh so yummy! I had planned on taking a photo so you could see how nice the popcorn looked but as you'll see below that didn't happen. :o)

This is our bag before it was opened.

This is what it looked like after about 5 mins and 6 sets of hands in there!

I guess you'll have to go buy a bag yourself to see what I'm talking about! They come in 4 flavors: Sharp White Cheddar, Classic Kettle Korn, Farmhouse Cheddar and Signature BBQ. I am sure there is one for you. These are just hitting the store shelves and would be a great snack to take along to the beach or on a summer road trip. Of course sitting out on the deck in your own backyard is a perfectly good spot to snack on it too!

You can find out more by visiting Orville Redenbacher's website here or their facebook page here.

* I was given this sample free to review courtesy of The Dish and ConAgra Foods. Opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Filippo Berio Olive Oil

I have been a member of BzzAgent for many years now and I am currently on a campaign for Filippo Berio Olive Oil. I use olive oil all the time and was so excited to participate in this campaign.

Olive Oil has so many health benefits and it's tasty too. Olive oil is naturally free of cholesterol, trans fat, salt, sugar, and gluten. It's also very versatile.You can use it for sauteing, as a marinade, and as a dressing for salads just to name a few.

Here I used it for sauteing zucchini & onions and also some carrots.

You can find more about the healthy benefits of olive oil here.  You can also find out more about Filippo products there too.

*I was given a free bottle of Filippo Olive Oil to sample as part of this campaign from BzzAgent. You can find out more about BzzAgent at their website


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crowdtap & Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party

I was recently picked to do an Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party from Crowdtap. This was my first party/sample share so I was just thrilled when I found I was chosen. I received coupons for 3 friends and myself to pick out a pair of bottoms and shoes from Old Navy. What could be more fun than shopping with the girls!

The closest Old Navy was at the local outlet mall so of course we had to visit a few other stores once we picked out our pieces from Old Navy. :o)

There were so many great pieces to chose from. We could pick from shorts, jeans, capris, and skirts. Oh, the decisions! We found so many we liked.

Once the bottoms were picked out we went to tackle the shoes. They had so many to choose from. All types from cute wedges to pretty flats. Lots of color to be found. We all decided on comfy espadrilles and fun flip flops.

Of course we picked the right day to go becasue they also had some cute t-shirts on sale for $5 so we couldn't pass those up. We had such a fun time thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap!

If you'd like to find out more about Crowdtap go here. You can earn rewards by taking polls and participating in these type of sample parties. :o)