Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Here it is already. Another year come and almost gone. We're enjoying our night in with the boys. They've looked forward to the "party" tonight all week long. Of course the best part is they get to stay up until midnight.

I had orginally planned to make a turkey for dinner tonight but after a very busy day I was just plain tired and too lazy. We ended up with finger foods. I had found some fun plates, napkins, bowls, cups, & silverware on clearance earlier this week all together for less than $4! So that added to our party evening. I won a coupon for free Welch's Sparkling Juice on twitter so we'll be toasting with that at midnight!

Our menu of snacks included little smokies, shrimp, warm rolls, fresh pineapple, nuts, pretzels-Rold Gold tiny cheddar twists are so addicting, and key lime pie. I had the stuff for cheese and crackers but we were all too full. I'm sure we'll snack on those tomorrow. 

Halfway through the evening we looked outside and it seems we are finally getting our first snowstorm of the season. So glad we are not out on the roads.
It looks pretty since we're in our nice warm house! Can't wait to see what we'll wake up to in the morning. Only an hour and a half left of the year so I'm going to go enjoy it with all my boys and welcome in 2012. We'll see if any of them are still awake. I'm talking about hubby too.   :o)

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