Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Program

Today was our Sunday school Christmas program. It's always a little chaotic before it starts but it turns out to be a nice program. I'm a preschool teacher so it's a little stressful. Some of the kids are so excited and others are just terrified. Usually a few end up not going up. Which I've learned it's best just to not force them and tell their parents next year will be easier.

Our oldest was one of the wisemen so he got the hard job of sitting on a bale of hay for the entire program. Two of the boys had pieces to say along with their songs and our other one just had  a song to sing with his class. Of course the part the kids all look forward to is the candy bags at the end of the program!

We met with my hubby's side of the family afterwards. I had reserved the party room at Davanni's in Rogers. Perfect size for us and so nice not to have to worry about all the little ones wandering away. I had to order a hoagie since it's been awhile since I've eaten there. Many years ago when I worked we used to order it for take out every so often. If you haven't tried their hoagies you really need to! I had the chicken bacon honey mustard today. Yummy! The boys shared a pizza and hubby got a tuna melt hoagie. We had such a nice time visiting and didn't have to worry about clean up!

We also celebated 3 birthdays while there. Our youngest will be 7 tomorrow, one of our nieces will be 14 tomorrow and my sisterinlaw's mother who was visiting from Washington state has a birthday tomorrow too! I had make cupcakes for the party and of course we sang Happy Birthday to the 3 birthday peeps.

It was sure hard to believe it was Christmas program and December birthdays we were celebrating because it was 46 and sunny and no snow on the ground when we came out of the restaurant!

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