Friday, December 9, 2011

It's all about being flexible

Today was one of those days that everything just didn't go according to plan. We have a lot of those days at our house but I'm so glad our boys can go with the flow. I don't know if it's cabin fever setting in already or what but everyone seemed to be a little bit grumpy today and just needed some extra space. So we had a short day of school work and then had some "home ec" time and cleaned up a bit. My oldest boy came up with an excellent idea. He told the younger 3 that whoever cleaned up the most and the fastest got to pick the dvd they would watch. My oldest is so helpful and is always doing a majority of the cleanup so he was the judge while the others cleaned. Wow, it was amazing how fast the living room got cleaned!

We had planned to go run errands tomorrow morning since the weather is to be warmer. That was changed when I got an automated phone call from Fedex early this evening saying a package is being delivered tomorrow and needs a signature. Well, I decided I might as well go run my errands tonight. Hubby was home so the boys were happy to not have to go along. I picked up my mom to get her out of the house for a bit. We both felt like we were bubble wrapped because we had so many layers on. It was rather chilly out. -2 winchill while we were out about 6pm.

We hit Cub Foods and Coborn's. They both have some great sales going on at the moment if you have their coupon books. I of course had to stock up on my Diet Coke that was on sale at Coborn's. They also had cream cheese on sale that I needed for my cream cheese mints I'm going to make early next week. I plan to share some photos and the recipe in next few days. Cub Foods had Sun Chips on sale for really cheap, 3 bags for $6. Also stocked up on chicken noodle soup since it was $.50 a can and I had some coupons too!

Both stores were really quiet so it was actually nice shopping tonight as opposed to the busy Saturday shopping scene. I suppose the cold kept a lot of people at home too! So it all worked out. I got my errands done. The house is mostly clean. Well, until morning when everyone is up again. Now to wonder what this package is I'm getting tomorrow. Hopefully it will be something exciting. I have no clue other than it's coming from New York and is 1 pound which is probably an envelope of some sort. Oh, the agony of having to wait!

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