Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun Christmas Gifts

Thought I'd share some of the fun gifts our boys got for Christmas. I love gifts that are fun and educational being the homeschool mom I am. Two of the boys got kits that they could really dig into. They are really a one time thing but they had so much fun with them.

This one you dig for shiny rocks.

This kit had pieces of dinosaur bones and then you put it together.

You want to make sure you have newspaper or do them outside because the sand can get a bit messy. The kits came with the little pick and hammer. They also came with goggles and little brushes so they could dust their treasures off carefully. 

Our oldest boy got a Mythbusters science exploration kit. It has all kinds of experiments about the power of air pressure. He is having a great time with it and is already wanting to get the other kits they have that are about flight and water. Even though we're on our holiday break from homeschooling they don't realize they are getting in a little school work with their new gifts!

These gifts were given to our boys by a family member and I am not receiving any compensation for this. I just wanted to share how much they enjoyed these kits.

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