Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All Weather Windshield Cover

The All Season Windshield Cover gives your windshield year round protection from the outdoor elements. The black side helps keep it from icing over in winter and pull heat in to keep it warmer. The under side is silver and used in summer to help reflect the sun and keep the interior cooler.

The cover comes in two sizes. The car windshield cover is 48" x 60" and the SUV windshield cover is 50" x 70".  We needed it for our truck so ours is the bigger size. It is made from a water-resistant polyester and durable mesh that flexes without tearing.

It is easy to put on. It was a bit windy today so it was easier to have two of us. It does have magnets on the edges so it attaches almost instantly but you can easily pull the cover and move it to were it needs to go. It also has a little flap on each side so you can shut it in the door to keep it in place in case of a strong wind or to keep anyone from taking it. 

Our weather is actually pretty decent at the moment but snow is in the forecast in a few days and we still have several weeks of winter yet so I will do an update on how it's working. 

You can find this All Weather Windshield Cover from HOLAUTO on Amazon. 

* I received this item at a discount for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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