Tuesday, April 19, 2016

La-Chef BBQ Grill Mat

The La-Chef BBQ Grill Mat set includes 2 Grill Mats, 1 Grill Mesh and 1 Baking Mat. They can be used on the grill or in the oven. They are dishwasher safe and reusable. All the mats are made of PTFE coated fabric.

What confuses me is that it says it can be used on any grill but on the back of the package it says under Caution - Do not use directly over open flames or heat source yet it shows flames on the front. It says it can't be used above 500 F either. So we were not sure how well these would perform but gave it a try.

 We used the Grill Mesh when we grilled hamburgers over the weekend.

The Grill Mesh worked excellent for our hamburgers. They didn't stick or fall apart when flipped. They still got nice grill markings on them too. My husband was pretty impressed up to that point. I then washed it by hand with soap and water and left it to dry on the counter upright leaning against a few other dishes. It wasn't until the next morning when I was putting things away we saw parts of the mesh had come apart.

 Small sections started to fall apart.

So, we don't know if maybe the grill got too hot or if flames touched those random pieces or what. It's kind of a bummer because it really worked well to keep the hamburgers from getting stuck to the grill. So maybe if you cook your food at a lower temp and keep the flames down that would help. Not really sure what happened with ours.

You can find the La-Chef BBQ Grill Mat on Amazon.

* I received this product for free for my honest review. No other compensation was received. Opinions are my own.

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