Thursday, March 3, 2016

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

One of Valentia's newest products is Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum. It helps renew texture & tone, deeply moisturizes, minimizes fine lines, increases elasticity, and brightens & corrects.

Using this serum daily improves the skins circulation, breathing life back into it. After cleansing skin in the evening you want to apply 1-2 pumps to face and neck area. Once it's absorbed you can apply your moisturizer or eye product if you'd like.

As always, Valentia's products are made with natural and organic ingredients.

My skin is extra dry in winter because it is so cold and dry here so this product actually made my skin feel a bit drier and tight. I plan to hold off on using it again until summer when I have a bit more oily skin and see if that will make a difference.

You can find Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum on Amazon.

* I received this product for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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