Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Slackline Kit with Training Line

Our boys have been having a blast with the TrailBlaze Slackline Kit. We just happened to have a somewhat decent weather day today so my husband set it up for them. He said it was super quick and easy to put it up. He did adjust the tightness of it once they had walked a few times on it. He realized he had put it a bit too loose.

The kids were up on it within a few minutes. Some where having an easier time than others. They were laughing so hard and hanging on for dear life at the same time. It was such a good time watching them. I did try it but didn't get too far. I need to work on my balance a bit. Practice makes perfect! I do like that this kit comes with the training line so you can hang on until you master it.

The kit comes with everything you need. It includes the 50 ft Slackline (orange) and training line (bright green), both have their own ratchet, 2 tree protectors, and a bag to carry it all in. We chose not to use the tree protectors today since we knew we were only going to have it up for a few hours. We didn't want to leave it out in the nasty weather we are supposed to get tomorrow. I'm anxious to see if their legs and core will be sore tomorrow after all the time they spent on it this afternoon. They can't wait to get it back up once the weather is nice again.

You can find this Slackline Kit with Training Line on Amazon. It will provide hours of fun!

* I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.


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    1. It is so much fun. Excellent way for the kids to work on their balance. They can't wait to have friends over to try it out. Once weather is a bit nicer.