Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Healthy Mind Cookbook Review

I have to admit the photo on the front cover of this cookbook is what first drew me in. After reading about what kind of recipes and information was in this book I knew I needed to have it. This cookbook is full of recipes to enhance brain function, mood, memory, and mental clarity. We all want those things, right?

This book was even better than I expected. So much valuable info! I think my absolute favorite part of the book is Chapter 2. It's called The Culinary Pharmacy. She has listed 80+ foods from the book and what the connection is between that food and your brain. For example: Basil helps with cognitive functioning, healthy sleep, memory, and mental energy. And then it goes on to tell a bit more about the benefits of it. I have learned so much just from reading that chapter. I know I will be reading it a few times!

The book is full of beautiful photos and such a nice variety of recipes. Most are easy to find ingredients and of course fresh foods, spices, and herbs. Looking through this cookbook has really ignited a spark in me to really pay attention to the ingredients I'm using and how they can help us be our best and live a healthier life. Healthy food can taste good!

The recipes are easy to follow. She has listed all the nutrition info at the end of each recipe also. I have so many recipes marked to try like the Triple Triple Brittle, Rosemary and Pear Muffins, and the High-Flying Turkey Black Bean Chili! Yum!

I definitely recommend checking out the The Healthy Mind Cookbook.

* I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review. Opinions are my own.


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  2. I love cookbooks that have photos. They really help me out when I am making the recipe. This sounds like a great cookbook. I love collecting cookbooks.