Friday, March 20, 2015

Luxe Home Essentials Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels Review

These microfiber dish towels from Luxe Home Essentials are super absorbent. They are 15 x 25 inches so they are similar to most of my other kitchen towels in size. These outlast my other dish towels by a long shot. I am able to dry many more dishes even though these towels feel so much lighter and thinner. Microfiber can hold up to 10 times it's weight in water.

The towels are soft but durable. They don't leave streaks when drying. I love the bright white color. It's so clean looking and will also fit with any decor. 

My towels washed up well. I just tossed them in with the rest of my towels. They didn't shrink or get any fuzzballs on them. I'm very happy with these and look forward to not needing as many towels hanging in my kitchen since one of these does the work of a few of my regular ones!

You can find these microfiber kitchen dish towels on Amazon.

* As a blogger companies provide me samples of their products for review just as Luxe Home Essentials did. Opinions are my own. 

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