Monday, March 16, 2015

Probiotic Chews for Dogs with Prebiotics Review

Our dog Cora was happy to be my tester for these Probiotic Chews for Dogs with Prebiotics from Paw Choice. This resealable bag has 60 little chewy bones that are Duck flavored.

These can be used daily. I started out giving our dog just one every other day or so. I wanted to be sure she didn't have any problems with them. No issues and she really likes them! She doesn't have any issues on a daily basis but sometimes she finds things to eat outside that are probably not so great for her and then she has tummy troubles. I'm hoping these will help with that when the time comes.

These help with immune system, bowel issues, food intolerance, stressful situations, gas, itching, allergies, energy and overall wellness support. They are made from premium natural ingredients, tested for safety, and veterinarian formulated. They are manufactured in the USA.

You can find these Probiotic Chews on Amazon.

* I received this product in exchange of my honest review. Opinions are my own & my dog's for this review.

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