Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Hockey in the Pool

It has been another very long and cold winter here. Cabin fever set in ages ago. Yesterday was finally in the mid 40's. We had some wind so there was a bit of a windchill but it was by far the warmest day since last fall. The bikes came out along with the deck chairs that have been stored away all winter. We are very optimistic that warmer weather is here to stay. (Fingers crossed!)

We drain our pool each fall just below where the hoses are connected. We like to leave enough water in there so it doesn't blow away with the strong winds. As you can see it fills up quite a bit over the winter from all the snow we get. It's completely frozen solid so yesterday while the boys were outside playing our youngest decided to shovel off some of the snow and get a bit of skating in. As he skated he was breaking the ice up pretty good and got a few more layers off. The other boys were shoveling it off over the sides. They are all ready for swim season in a few months and will do anything to help get all that ice and snow out so it doesn't take until July to be gone!

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