Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trisha's Table - Cookbook Review

What a delight this new cookbook from Trisha Yearwood is! It has a nice balance of healthy food with some indulgent ones so you can still splurge every now and then and not feel guilty. What makes me really happy about this book is so many of the recipes I can see my whole family eating and enjoying!

The photos in the book are just beautiful. The recipes are easy to read and I love that she's included little bits of info about each recipe at the beginning. She has included a few recipes from family and friends and it's nice that there are pictures of them included with some of the recipes. I always think it makes it more personal when they've included someone who is connected with the recipe and not just taken credit for it.

I have so many recipes marked that I want to try. Most are all regular ingredients and nothing you need to go looking all over town for. I've found these wonderful little sticky tabs that work great for marking pages of recipes I want to try. This cookbook has lots of them!

Lots of recipes marked to try!

This cookbook is full of a great variety of recipes fit for the whole family. Ones that are on the top of my list include avocado pineapple salsa, power balls, kale soup, cornbread-chili casserole, quinoa corn chowder, and chocolate angel food cake with strawberries. 

I highly recommend Trisha's Table if you are looking for some tasty new recipes. 

* I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review. Opinions are my own.

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