Sunday, April 12, 2015

100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule Review

This mug is made from 100% copper and wow does it ever keep your beverage cold! It holds 16 oz and the handle fits just comfortably in your hands. It's the perfect size. While I don't drink Moscow Mules I have enjoyed using it for juice and soda.

It was a warm 75 degrees outside today so I enjoyed sitting out on our deck for a bit. It was rather windy so my relaxing didn't last too long. This mug kept my beverage very cold. My youngest boy had to test it out with some lemonade also. I may have to share this awesome little mug or invest in a few more! I really look forward to using it this summer out by the pool.

This 100% Copper Mug can be found on Amazon. It comes with several recipes for different mules to make so you can enjoy your mug to the fullest. Copper not only keeps your beverage cold but also enhances the flavor and provides health benefits.

This mug needs to be washed by hand with soap and water and dried afterwards.

* I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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