Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack

Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack from WyldLife Pets are premium free range chews for dogs. This pack comes with 3 bully sticks and 3 beef tendons. They are all natural, free of any additives, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives. They are made from the highest quality of free range Angus beef. They are also made in the USA.

Bully Sticks

Beef Tendons

Our dog liked both of the chews. I cut the tendons in half so I could make them last longer. She really enjoyed all the chewing. They are also great for helping keep her teeth strong and clean. These chews are good for all sizes of dogs.

She jumped for it so quick I barely got a picture. 

You can find Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack on Amazon. 

* I received this product at a heavily discounted price for this review. No other compensation was received. Opinions are my own. 

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