Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hand Painted Wine Glasses Review

These Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses by Valentina Paris are designed in Paris and are handmade, mouth-blown, and hand painted so each one is unique. They come in a set of two. The stems of the glasses are tall and narrow. The glasses are very large and delicate. I suggest washing them by hand.

From a distance these glasses are very beautiful but close up the paint is a bit sloppy. My first set arrived with both of the glasses having scratches on them. I mentioned it to the company I was reviewing these for and they quickly offered to send me another set. I assumed I just happened to get a bad pair. It is hard to take photos of such shiny glasses but I tried to do my best to show them.

 Scratch goes across the glass just a bit above the black paint.

This one has a zigzag type scratch towards middle right.

As I said they were nice and quick to offer to send me another pair so I appreciate that. I hate to do bad reviews but I have to be honest and the second pair was not much better. I'm not sure if they just don't check them before sending them out or what. These glasses could be really beautiful if a little bit more attention was paid to them.

 This one had a black paint mark that won't come off.

Painting could be a bit better.

You can find these Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses on Amazon. Maybe I was just unlucky and got 2 sets that were not their best work. I showed them to a friend and she really liked them so I will be passing them along for her to enjoy.

* I did receive these in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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