Monday, August 25, 2014

Ten Years of Homeschooling

Hard to believe we just started our 10th year of homeschooling. I have no clue where time has gone. Each year I've said we'd take it year by year and here we are our oldest is in 9th grade. I'm always so thankful we have the freedom to choose this path for our family.

We're about 2 weeks in for this year. We take it slow getting back into a routine of sorts. The oldest is doing almost all of his work this year on his own. Of course I keep a daily check on what he's doing and how it's going. We used America the Beautiful for all 4 boys last year for American History and just loved it so he moved on into their World History for high school. I am actually reading this along with him just because it's so good. Well, and I want to be prepared for when he's got questions!

The younger 3 are doing Uncle Sam and You. This one we do as a read aloud and then discuss it. I'm looking forward to this one also because it touches on more local things such as your own community and how things work.

The older 2 boys are using Apologia Physical Science and working on that together. The younger 2 are using the new Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics and really enjoying it so far. They are quite excited they get to do some experiments.

Today it was so nice out so we actually did our lava lamps outside. I wanted to be sure the Alka-Seltzer tablets didn't cause a mess in the house in case the lids didn't get on the bottles quick enough. This little experiment was about density. 

Of course we have math, English, and all that other stuff thrown in the mix of school time. Daily life happens too. Which is probably why I'm just now getting to this blog post after we've started 2 weeks ago.  :o) 

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