Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Irish Table - Book Review

I have always dreamed of going to Ireland some day. This lovely book was like a little pretend visit there. It is full of wonderful stories about Irish food and family in addition to the recipes included. I really loved all the tidbits about where some of the recipes came from. You can tell how much love is put into them. The photos included are just beautiful. 

I don't like to wish time away but I look forward to cooler weather when I can try out some of the bread recipes. I don't like to heat up the house any more than necessary in summer. There are several side dishes and desserts that sound excellent also. The Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Cauliflower Baked in Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and Apple Crumble are just calling my name. I'm also looking forward to a big pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. The recipe for Cheese on Toast looks super easy and the photo in the book looks good enough just to pull right out of the book and eat! I've never thought of something so simple as this recipe. 

There is a nice mix of recipes in this book. A lot of them will be good fall and winter comfort food. There are a few that look a little complicated and some a little more on the spendy side to make. Lamb is a bit pricey for our family but I like when cookbooks give you such a variety to choose from. 

Definitely a great cookbook if you'd like to try Irish cooking for yourself. The stories and photos are worth the purchase of the book even if you don't like to cook. 

If you'd like more info about this book you can look here. 

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

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