Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Broken Leaves of Autumn - Book Review

Broken Leaves of Autumn tells a story about a young Christian man named Jeff who leaves his abusive home in Arizona and arrives in New York looking for a better life for himself. He becomes friends with Aaron who is an ultra orthodox Jew and helps him find a job and a place to live. He then meets Eva, a successful business woman who works at the World Trade Center, and then Aaron's sister falls in love with Jeff. Lots of things going on!

I really wanted to like Broken Leaves of Autumn but I couldn't get caught up in the story. It didn't flow smoothly for me. I felt like it jumped around a bit and the characters were just not believable to me. At the beginning there was one small bit about the businesswoman Jeff meets and it seemed like she was kind of just thrown in there and you don't go back to finding out about her for awhile. I think the book needed to lose some parts of the story. It felt too wordy. This book was just not for me.

You can find Broken Leaves of Autumn on Amazon.

* I received an ebook version for free for this review. No other compensation was received. Opinions are my own.

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