Friday, January 22, 2016

Cotton Hammock Swing Chair Review

I have our boys do a weekly engineering project together and about 2 weeks ago one of the units was on hammocks. They had to do a bit of research and learn the history of hammocks and found pictures of all kinds of hammocks. We were oohing and ahhing about which ones we'd like to have and how we wanted to be in those places where the hammocks were at. At the end they each made their own mini hammocks. They had completely different ideas. One was made from Legos, one out of paper plates, pencils, and napkins, another went all out and used fabric and wove string underneath to make it stronger. They were supposed to see whose hammock could hold the most weight but they got a bit sidetracked. Seems to be a common thing at our house. Anyways, they were super excited when this hammock swing chair arrived and they found out that it came from the Yucatan were they had just read about. This one was also usable and looked much better than their creations.

I think of warm sunny days when I think of a hammock but we won't have that for many months yet. We did the Minnesota thing and bundled up and tested it outside anyways. This Cotton Hammock Swing Chair from NOVICA is handmade and also a fair trade product. NOVICA works with Maya artists from the Yucatan to create these beautiful hammocks.

The hammocks are made from 100% cotton and a pinewood rod. They each come with an official NOVICA story card that certifies quality and authenticity. The hammock swing is very sturdy and holds up to 200 lbs.

It's very comfortable to sit in but I look forward to enjoying it more when I just need sunglasses and a hat! I know where I'll be spending my afternoons reading this summer. I may however have to share with the boys because everybody loves to relax in a hammock. Our youngest thinks it makes for a comfy spot to rest after a bit of snowshoeing. :)

You can find this NOVICA Cotton Hammock Swing Chair on Amazon.

* I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.