Saturday, October 10, 2015

Deluxe Bamboo Bath Caddy Review

When the weather turns cold I love a good soak in the tub. I try to find time once a week to sneak in a little soak. It's so relaxing! Sometimes it's the only way for me to get warm enough in winter. I like to use nice smelling bath salts, I take in something to read and usually a glass of ice water so I don't get too hot.

Now you know how hard it is to keep your book or magazine from getting wet. I usually have to sit it on the floor then reach for it. I also keep my glass on the side of the tub and have to be careful not to bump it and tip it over. I don't really want ice in my nice warm bath! This Bamboo Bath Caddy from ToiletTree Products solves all my bath woes.

It has expandable sides so it will fit any bathtub size. It has a book support to hold my reading material, a built in soap holder (which could be used to hold a phone but I refuse to take mine in the tub), and a slide in glass holder for stemware. The bath caddy is made from 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo with chrome accents.

Beautiful eco-friendly bamboo.

This would make for a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. You'd be giving the wonderful gift of "me" time! You could even pair it with a candle, a book, and a beautiful piece of stemware and you'd make someone very happy! 

You can find this Bamboo Bath Caddy at AmazonBrookstone, and ToiletTree Products.

* I received this item in exchange for this review. Opinions are my own. 

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