Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beardsmen Spirit Fragrance Free Beard Oil Review

Beardsmen Spirit Fragrance Free Beard Oil will help soften and smooth your beard. It is fragrance free so it's perfect for those with sensitive skin. It's non-greasy and will keep your beard tangle free. It can also help keep your beard from itching. It's made with 100% natural ingredients including: Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Castor oil. It's made in the USA and is also not tested on animals.

Our oldest son has been experimenting with growing a beard on and off so I let him test this out. He previously had used a scented version from this company and liked it so I was curious what he thought of this one. He did like the idea that this one didn't have any scent to it. He said sometimes it's nice to not smell like anything. :)  He said it kept the hair soft and shiny. Now he doesn't have a super thick and long beard but he knows that good grooming is important.

This bottle is 4 oz so it should last quite some time. Not a lot is needed to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. You can find Beardsmen Spirit Fragrance Free Beard Oil on Amazon.

* I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own- or in this case my son's.

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