Saturday, July 25, 2015

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream helps to quickly relieve aches and pains from minor arthritis, backaches, sore muscles, and joint pain. It rubs in easily and has the soothing power of menthol. It has a light citrus scent and does not feel greasy at all. It absorbs quickly and doesn't burn or sting.

I tend to have knee pain frequently and used this to help when I was having a rough day while going up and down the stairs. It did seem to help quickly but I'm not sure that it lasted more than a few hours. My husband used it on his sore neck and he said it really made a difference. I do think it might depend on what type of soreness you have. My knee issues might actually be pain in my bones and not my muscles which could be why it didn't last as long as it did. I do plan to continue to use this as needed. I do have days when I'm exercising and I find muscles I haven't used for awhile. I've only had this for just under 2 weeks so it's not been much time to fully test it out.

You can find out more by visiting Healthy Directions. It is also available on Amazon under OxyRub Pain Relief Cream.

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