Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Mood Tea from Culinary Teas

Drinking a cup of hot tea is such a relaxing experience. It always makes me feel better. The Good Mood Tea blend from Culinary Teas will for sure put you in a good mood!

I have tried 3 of their blends and I have to say opening each bag is an experience itself. The scent of the tea leaves and other ingredients are just a treat for my nose!

The Good Mood Tea ingredients are Luxury black tea, Natural dried orange, Calendula, Safflower petals, White chocolate shavings, Butterscotch chips, Roasted mate, Chocolate nibs, Lemongrass, and Organic flavors.

I had a super busy day running errands and this tea really made my day better. The flavor is just right and normally I do add fresh lemon to most of my hot teas but not this one. It was fabulous just plain. There is this slight aftertaste of dark chocolate (from the chocolate nibs) after sipping it and I didn't want my cup to be empty!

You can find out more about Good Mood Tea and their other blends by visiting Culinary Teas.

* I did receive a sample in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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