Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kleenex Brand Tissues- Crowdtap Review

I was very happy to receive these Kleenex Brand Tissues to review for Crowdtap. This, of course, is the perfect time of year to have them in the house. I know we will end up going through several boxes over the course of the winter. Our sampling included Kleenex with Lotion and Kleenex Anti-Viral.

I opened up the Kleenex with Lotion right away because this cold weather has my nose running all the time. I hate getting the raw and red nose from blowing too much. These tissues with lotion are so nice because they are soft and gentle on my skin and I have no signs of redness since using them! I don't want to be confused with Rudolph this time of year!

Kleenex with Lotion

I had no idea that an anti-viral tissue even existed. These will be great for helping stop the spread of germs when someone in the house gets sick. Germs spread so fast in the house when you have six of us touching and sneezing all over. These anti-viral tissues feel strong so I can believe they will help keep those nasty germs in the tissue. 

Kleenex anti-viral

If you'd like to try either one of these tissues from Kleenex visit this link for a coupon. 

* I'm a member of Crowdtap and these tissues were sent to me for free from Kleenex Brand tissues and Crowdtap. Opinions are my own. 

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