Wednesday, April 10, 2013


In my quest to find healthier snacks I recently discovered Tasterie. It's a monthly box full of good for you foods. You can actually pick the box that fits your health needs. They have boxes for those with allergies including dairy, soy, nut, gluten, wheat, and egg just to name a few. We actually don't have any allerigies thankfully so I choose the Healthy & Nutritious box for us. We currently get the Signature box.

This was our March box.
We have enjoyed everything that was included in our March box. My 9 year old that has braces was very happy to see the Pirate's Booty since he is not able to enjoy regular popcorn for the time being. I ate the multi-grain crackers with the hummus one afternoon and it was a snack I didn't have to feel guilty about! The jar in the center of the photo above is a roasted pineapple and habanero dip (salsa) from Robert Rothschild Farm. It is the perfect mix of sweet and a tad spicy. I enjoyed it with some tortilla chips I had in the pantry. My oldest son snatched one of the granola bars up right away when we opened the box and said it was really good. I have the other one stashed in my purse for an emergency errand snack. My absolute favorite snack in this box was the Brown Rice Chips from Eden. They were so very yummy! I was smitten with the first crunch. They are just the tastiest things! I'm really hoping I can find them at one of my local stores.

I enjoyed Udi's Sweet & Fruity Cranberry Granola with my greek yogurt for breakfast!
Tasterie offers several options for their monthly boxes based on your family's allergies or if you're like us and just want to eat healthier. They also offer the option of a SnackBox (currently $18) or a SignatureBox (currently $25) per month delivered to your door. The woman behind Tasterie is also a mom and a pediatrician so you know she is looking out for us moms and our children to find healthy and safe options.
You can find out more about Tasterie by visiting them on their webpage. They are also on facebook and twitter.
*I pay for my own monthly subscription to Tasterie and opinons are my own. 

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