Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hungry Globetrotter

So by now with all my posts you probably think I'm obsessed with monthly boxes. I'm actually just trying several out and seeing what fits our family. This particular box is the PERFECT fit for us.
Hungry Globetrotter sends a monthly box dedicated to a certain country. They send a handful of products so you can create your own international meal at home. Included with the products are recipes and a bit about the country or region that the box is about.
I absolutely love this concept! We are actually using it for our homeschool. We get a bit of culture, history, geography, and home ec all in one!
The March box was all about Tuscany. Included was a Foccacia bread mix, Tuscan peasant soup, Italian seasoning salt, and Farro with mushrooms and herbs. The only thing you need to buy for the meal is steak which you use some of the seasoning salt on and club soda for the Foccacia mix. You also use the seasoning salt for the Foccacia bread. We already have the steaks in the freezer so I just had to go buy the club soda.
Now if only the weather would cooperate we could grill our steaks and enjoy our Tuscan meal! Wind, snow, and 30 degrees doesn't really make me feel like I'm in Tuscany. :o)
I even got Rick Steves' Italy dvd from Netflix so we could do a little visit to Italy to complete our experience. The boys have enjoyed it more than I expected and even have recognized a few of the art pieces we've learned about previously and a few of the sites from history we've discussed.
I think this has to be one of my favorite boxes out there. I'm already looking foward to the April box which is based on Peru.
If you'd like to check out this awesome monthly box you can visit the Hungry Globetrotter website and find out more! They are also on facebook and twitter.
They also sell past boxes and individual items from the boxes on their site. If you love learning about other countries and their delicious foods then I suggest you try this out!
Buon appetito!

****Update***  We finally had a day without a snowstorm or wind and were able to enjoy our Tuscan meal. I got the whole family involved in helping prepare it. Hubby was in charge of the grill and the boys and I prepared the other stuff. It was a very enjoyable meal!

So yummy!
I added bits of ham to our soup.

*Opinions are my own & I pay for my own monthly box.

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