Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We are big coffee drinkers at our house. It is one of a few things that we are rather picky about. Especially my husband! He even had to have special coffee at our table at our wedding 14 years ago. Back then I hadn't became a coffee drinker yet. It was after a year or so of being married and I just gave in and never looked back. I do have to admit I use a fair amount of creamer in mine. Hubby is of the "I only drink it black sort." Three out of our four boys are also on the coffee bandwagon and get to enjoy a small amount every so often.

So I thought I had to give MistoBox a try when I heard about them. What could be better than delicious coffee beans delivered to your door? I knew hubby wouldn't complain about a box like this!
MistoBox sends you four 1.7-2 oz samples each month. They taste 50 varieties each month from different artisian roasters all over the country and select their favorites and send them to you.

Our April MistoBox.

The box smelled so good when I opened it!

This booklet tells about the beans selected for the month.

Verve: El Salvador La Palma
Klatch: Guatemala Genuine Antigua Covadonga
Augie's Coffee: El Salvador Santa Julia
Ceremony Coffee: Rwanda Gitesi

We have been enjoying our April selections which are in the photo above. I love being able to try different beans! Once you discover a bean that you just love you can order a full size bag from the MistoBox website and shipping is free! They also have lots of info about anything coffee on their site.

MistoBox sends out their monthly boxes the first week of each month. Shipping was very fast. I had mine in just a couple days. It came via regular mail. They currently have a promo if you use BOX5 and your first month is only $5. They have a few different plans but I am just doing the monthly right now for $15 and you can cancel at any time. 

You can check out their MistoBox website or find them on facebook or twitter.

Nothing better than sharing a good cup of coffee with friends & loved ones! :o)

*Opionins are my own & I pay for my own monthly subscription. (Well maybe my hubby does.)

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