Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pizza Date

We met some friends for our monthly lunch date at Pizza Hut. Our boys are able to participate in the BOOK IT program just like kids in school. It's so nice more companies are extending their promotions to homeschoolers. The kids each get their own personal pizza for reading a certain amount each month. They are very generous and get 6 coupons per school year.

Table full of boys!
 The one on the far right normally does not look so odd. :o)

We had the nicest waitress. She came with drink refills before we even asked and also let us request a pizza for the buffet. My friend and I do the buffet since the boys get their free pizzas. We asked for the chicken alfredo. Wow! It was so very yummy! We always have such a nice visit. You can't go wrong with pizza and friends!

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