Friday, June 26, 2015

Slender Blend Detox and Weight Loss Tea Review

 The Slender Blend from The Tea Love Co. has to be one of the best green teas I have tasted. I've only been a tea drinker for the past 2 years or so but now I'm hooked on the stuff. I love how it can improve my mood with just a cup. Just by brewing a quick cup of this tea and making myself sit down and enjoy it, it can totally change my outlook for the day.

I've tried this hot and cold. It kind of depends on my mood but I usually like it cold in the afternoon and warm in the morning and evening. I've tried it plain, with honey, and with lemon. My favoriteis with a bit of lemon. What I also really like is that I don't get jumpy like I do when I've had too many cups of coffee. So this is a nice alternative to give me a boost.

Potent Green Tea from China.

In order for Green Tea to be powerful it needs to be harvested in a certain way, the leaves picked at a certain time, and then preserved quickly. This is done by experts on exclusive estates in China then brought to the USA.

There are so many benefits of drinking tea, especially green tea. This particular one can help boost the immune system, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, prevent cavities/tooth decay, decrease high blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, aid liver health, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent arthritis, reduce the risk of cancer, slow down the aging process as well as sharpening your mental processes.

By drinking this tea consistently along with a healthy diet and exercise program you will lose fat weight and slim down to a leaner, more energetic, and healthier you. Slender Blend's aiding in weight loss comes from 3 main ingredients which include natural caffeine that stimulates metabolism, L-theanine that neutralizes the harmful effects of caffeine and acts as an appetite suppressant, and ECGC which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently.

 I do feel like it helps curb my appetite  and also I think helps with bloating. It may be just that I'm more focused on not wanting to mess up the hard work I'm putting into my exercise and watching what I eat along with the boost I get from this. I'm just starting on week 6 of a 90 day workout program so between all of what I'm doing one helps the other and I'm feeling better!

Making my delicious cup of tea!

Tea is so easy and quick to make. A cup of Slender Blend only requires 8 oz of water and 1 tsp of tea leaves. Just as it's almost to boiling, pour it over the leaves and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. I have this handy little contraption that I put my tea leaves in and pour water in, shut the lid and then once it has had time to infuse I put over my cup and it drains into it while keeping the leaves out of my cup. I just love it! This tea smells good, tastes good, and just makes me feel really good.

You can find The Slender Blend on Amazon.

* I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

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