Sunday, June 28, 2015

Schneider Pens from Shoplet Review

We can never have enough pens at our house. We use them everyday, several times a day. They are all over the house but it seems I can't find one when I need one! I have several in my purse too because I hate using pens other than my own at public places. I've also learned over the years that good quality pens make all the difference. I was sent the following variety of pens from the Schneider brand from Shoplet. I had to take pictures quick and test them out before they were taken away by the rest of the family!

So many great pens!

I love the bright bold colors.

This Slider Memo XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen comes in an assorted 4 pack. They write with smooth viscoglide ink which dries fast. They are super comfortable to write with. These are great for writing notes or in cards. 

This Slider Memo XB is a nice bright red and has the same smooth viscoglide ink which dries quickly. This pen works great for correcting papers. Like most of these pens it has a rubberized exterior which makes it so comfortable to hold.

The Slider Ballpoint Pen is a retractable ballpoint which has waterproof ink. It is also smear-resistant when highlighting. I like using this one for addressing mail and writing out bills. It writes so smooth and is nice and bold. Bonus that this one is refillable.

The Slider Edge 1.0 mm Ballpoint Pen features viscoglide ink technology that is smoother than gel ink. The black ink is waterproof and also is wipe-proof when highlighting. It has a 3 edge barrel for comfortable writing without hand fatigue. 

The Schneider Express .8 mm Porous Point Pen Black writes with waterproof ink that creates extremely smooth lines. It is perfect for use with rulers and templates. The pen will last up to 3 days without drying if the cap is off.

The Slider XB Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen writes in black ink that dries quickly, is waterproof, and is smear-resistant when highlighting. It has a rubberized grip that allows for comfortable writing. This pen is also really nice and light weight. 

Stride, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Schneider products in the USA. They are a small woman owned and operated business. Stride is an integrated workplace and 50% of their workers are adults with intellectual and developmental delays. The company itself has an amazing story and I encourage you to visit their website and learn about what makes them so special. 

Schneider has been a premier German pen manufacturer for over 75 years. They have an entire line of pens that are CO2Neutral and the Viscoglide line is produced entirely without adding to the carbon footprint. Schneider was the first pen manufacturer in the world to be EMAS certified. Environmental responsibility is important to them.

Shoplet is a great place to find all of your office supplies

* I received these products in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own. 

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