Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not a Winter Girl

I do not like winter. I never have and I never will. The only positive thing about it is generally we don't have to worry about tornadoes. With the crazy cold and snow we've had this winter it makes me want to flee this frozen state even more. I'm a beach girl not a cold and snow girl.

I'm so thankful I'm a stay at home mom and don't have to go out unless necessary for appointments or groceries. Our social life this winter has been pretty much nonexistent. Every time we plan the weather doesn't cooperate. I am Mrs. Worrywart for my husband who has to drive all over the cities for work. So many people have no idea how to drive in winter weather and the roads have been nasty because it's so cold the chemicals don't work.

 I  feel like this winter we have been held hostage more so than normal. It's been extreme cold. So cold the kids can't even play outside for more than a few minutes. When it's -40 it's not fit to even think about going out! On the bright side I feel like I could compete and win in an Olympic event that entails pushing a cartful of groceries through the parking lot that's full of snow, slush, ice, or a combination of any of them, not dumping it over, and doing it at record speed to get out of the icy wind. :o)

I so look forward to spring in several weeks and being able to open my windows and take off my 3 layers of clothes. Well, I'd still leave 1 layer on. Until then I'll just keep consuming large amounts of coffee and tea and dreaming of a beach somewhere.

Here are a few photos of our winter wonderland.

Our backyard

 Where is our driveway?

Hubby making a path.

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